Little Haul

Hey guys, here’s another haul, I know! But it’s just a mini one, I promise. I went to Superdrug over the weekend and here’s what I picked up. I have been wanting a nude/white eyeliner and I have heard good reviews on the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliners but then I saw a white MUA eyeliner in ‘Snow white’ for only £1. This is good but wears off quite quickly. I use this to brighten up my waterline. I also got their free ‘Dare’ magazine. Then I went to Boots and picked up another Babylips in ‘Hydrate’. I have done a review on them which I will link below. I really like the citrusy scent of this and the cute packaging and for only £2.99, it’s great! I also went over to the Natural Collection stand and spent ages looking at the beautiful eye shadows. I finally decided on the shade ‘Asteroid’ which I love! Expect a review soon. Finally, I went to Primark and bought a ‘Montagne Jeunesse’ face mask in the flavour ‘Sherbet Lemon’ which sounds awesome! I will try this out soon. If you can’t find these in primark they are sold in Boots and Wilkinson’s. This was just 90p! That’s it! What have you been buying recently?? And sorry I haven’t posted in so long, it’s been such a hectic week I haven’t had time!
PS This is my 50th post on my blog!!!Xx


Random Haul!

 Hey Guys, this is what I have collected over 2 or 3  shopping trips. First, I went to Superdrug (surprise, surprise) and I went to the MUA stand. Mua has released some new eyeshadows. The shade ‘Bronze’ caught my eye and I have worn it twice already! It is a beautiful metallic bronze and it was just £1. I will review it soon 🙂 Then, I went to Primark and spotted this lovely ‘Queen Bee’ purse! I love it! It is a gorgeous duck egg blue, and the pattern is really nice. i have been using it non stop since i have been shopping. I couldn’t believe it was only £2. After hearing about the new ‘Fruits’ range from Wilko by MissBudgetBeauty I decided to have a look. the whole range is £1.50 for each item and the ‘Vanilla and rhubarb’ scrub smelt amazing so I bought it! Finally, I went to Lush. I love Lush but I haven’t bought many products in the past and I was on the lookout for a rose scented bubble bar. In the end I picked ‘Amandopondo’ (what the heck does this mean?!) which is a rose and lemon scented bubble bar. I think this is really cute and it was £2.75 which I think is really affordable. Thats it! I hope you enjoyed my haul and sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s been so hectic! Xx

PS I’m on the lookout for more Lush products (mostly bath products)  so it would SO helpful if anyone could recommend any! Thanks Xx



Big Haul

Hey guys, I have been on a few small shopping trips recently, and here’s what I have bought.

Beauty and other-

First, I headed straight for Boots knowing exactly what I wanted. You may have seen my latest wishlist which includedSoap and Glory’s mini The Righteous Butter. This was only £2.50 and it is the best thing I have ever smelt. This is my first S&G product and I love it! I am currently debating about buying the mini Mist You Madly body spray. This might be reviewed soon! As my nails have been in an awful state lately, I bought some new nail polish remover. I bought Cutex’s Nourishing Nail Polish Remover from Boots. This was £1.60 for a small bottle and so far I haven’t noticed any difference but I have only used it once. I also spotted a Mini Hand Sanitiser from Carex in the scent Strawberry Laces. This was reduced from £1.49 to £1 so I picked that up as well. Then, I headed to Superdrug with my friend and she bought me the Maybelline Baby lips Electro Balm in Berry Bomb. She knew I had been wanting it for ages and I didn’t even realise she had bought it for me until she gave it to me! It is one of my favourite products! I will review it soon. This was £3 and it has only recently launched in the UK after being launched in the US a while back. I also found The Body Shop’s Chocolate mini Body Butter brand new in a charity shop for 25p from £5! I haven’t used this yet but as I love The Body Shop Body Butters I have high hopes 🙂


I didn’t buy much in the clothing section, but I did pick up these t-shirts from Primark. I love this simple long sleeved t-shirt from their ‘Everyday Top’ range and it was just £2.50, so I had to buy it. I’m so glad I did, burgundy is currently my favourite colour and I really like the style of top. I don’t have many long sleeved tops, so this will be handy in Winter. Then, I spotted this gorgeous t-shirt. It reads ‘This is my Little Black T-shirt (My favourite)’ (as in ‘little black dress’). This was £4 and it is so comfortable. Recently I can’t get enough of black t-shirts, and this is one of my favourites. I like to wear this with some black jeans and my black and white lace up sneakers.

I hope you enjoyed my haul, what have you bought recently? Have you used any of these products? Xx




Huge Haul!

This is a haul I have been meaning to upload for ages but I haven’t got round to it. So here goes, first is a few t-shirts. I picked up one of their ‘Neppy Tees’ in the shade black. These are really big so I had to get the smallest size but I love it, they are so comfortable and they are such good value. I love Primark as it is so cheap and there clothes are great. This top was only £4. Then I got another t-shirt which looks quite similar to the Neppy Tee but this was a denim blue t-shirt. This was also £4 and it is my favourite top currently. It is perfect for summer as it is really light and it goes well with shorts. Then I got an awesome Aztec t-shirt from their cheaper t-shirts range so this was only £3. Aztec print is my favourite print and it’s black and white! I have been wearing this a lot recently as well as the other t-shirts. Then I went to New Look and I found some espadrilles! I had an amazing pair just like this last year from Primark but then they broke and I was devastated. Anyway these are great and are really comfortable. They were £10 which isn’t too bad. After New Look I went to Superdrug as I needed a waterproof mascara as I was going camping and my normal mascara isn’t waterproof so I wanted a mascara that wouldn’t smudge. I have been wanting the NYC Showtime mascara for a while as I have heard good review about it so I picked up the waterproof mascara for just £2. This mascara is very good and is quite lengthening more than thickening. It isn’t too clumpy and I picked it up in the shade black. The wand is quite thin and it is 100% waterproof. It doesn’t run or smudge and it stays on even after going swimming or having a shower this is a very good waterproof mascara. And I picked up an Impulse body spray for my holiday in the scent Raspberry and Gardenia (Secret Smile). It smells lovely and fresh! These re just £1 each. I also really need a bronzer so I picked up the MUA bronzer in shade 3 which looks great. I haven’t tried this yet but I will review it soon. This was only £1 and it is a lovely shade. I have also recently purchased another Alberto Balsam Conditioner in Pomegranate to match my shampoo, these smell great and are only £1. I hope you enjoyed my haul, what have you been buying recently??? Xx




Collective haul (Primark & Superdrug)

I went into town yesterday and I picked up a few bits and pieces from Superdrug and Primark so here goes… From Primark I bought a pair of sunglasses, they are really nice. They are black and silver and they fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget for Ray Bans, so I bought these instead. They are really nice and I would definitely repurchase them again if they broke. they were only £2. Then I bought a nice casual dress for summer. They had lots of different colours, but I liked navy the best. I’m not really a dress person but I love this as it isn’t too girly. This was from their £5 dress range and the dresses are definitely worth it. It has a really pretty flowery style print on it and it is really light so it is perfect for summer. Then I bought a top for £4, this was really cheap and I love the texture. I has a really nice design on it and I really like. Then, I went to Superdrug and I bought the 2True 3 in 1 concealer because MissBudgetBeauty said it was really good, and I also wanted a liquid concealer. This really nice and I got it in the shade medium. The coverage is really good and it is the perfect shade. It also blends really well! Then  I bought another MUA lipstick in the shade Juicy. This a really bright lipstick, perfect for summer. It is a sort of neon coral and it looks really nice. I would give this 4.5/5. It was also only £1 xxx

MUA haul!

I went shopping with my friend Belle today and we just so happened to pop into Superdrug and unfortunately a few things just fell into my basket 😉 . First off, I have really wanted to get the new MUA matte shades from their matte lipstick range so I picked up ‘Fawn fancy’ which is quite a dark nude. I really like the colour and when I swatched it earlier it looked really nice. It was like my lips, but betterand because it was matte it looked really natural. Next, I got ‘Lilac belle’, from the same range, this is obviously a really pretty lilac purple. I really like it but it is quite obvious so I don’t know how often I will wear it. Unfortunately, it is very hard and waxy, this may be because they are mattes. This is annoying but it wouldn’t put me off buying more. These were only £1 each and as Superdrug have a 3 for 2 deal on I picked up an MUA blusher because I need a blusher. I got the shade ‘Bon Bon’ which is a really nice shade. They are unbelievably pigmented. I was really suprised at the level of pigmentation and I was also really pleased. I also bought my first Yankee tart in the scent ‘Vanilla cupcake’. This smells lush and this was £1.25. You can get them in most small independant shops, I got mine from a shop called ‘Sugar loaf’.





My first haul!

Hey, I went shopping the other day and found some amazing products I thought would interest you, I will link them all below. First off is L’oreal Glamshine Balmy gloss in the shade ‘sin for peach’,  I have done a review for this which you might have read so you may already know a bit about it. There were 6 shades and I chose the most neutral as the others were very bold. The shades ranged from neon pink to dark purple and orange but they all looked pretty cool. This stays on for quite a while and is very easy to apply so I give this 5/5! Next, is 1000 kisses by Rimmel. The RRP for this is £6.99 but luckily I found them in Wilkinson’s for £1 each. I have 3 different shades but I think there are loads more. The shades I have are; ‘carry on cherry’, which is quite a dark pink, ‘endless blossom’ which is quite a natural paler pink and ‘nothing but nude’ which is my favourite. I don’t think they are ment to be scented but they smell kind of cherry or peach. The have a lip stain/tint and a clear balm at the end for moisture and shine. These stay on for ages and they are really useful to carry around! I give these 4.5/5! Last, but not least it the Rimmel nail white pencil in, believe it or not the shade…white! I hadn’t heard of these before and I found them on the Boots website for £3, which isn’t very expensive. They look like a white eyeliner pencil but you put the under the whites of your nails for an “instant french manicure look”. I was quite happy with it and the review online are very good. I especially like the lid which is shaped to clean your nails, I give this 3.5/5.  I hope you enjoyed reading my haul and please comment! Links for products below…(sorry I couldn’t find the 1000 kisses link at Wilkinsons so here is the Boots link instead 🙂 )





(P.S the make-up bag was £2 from Wilkinsons!)

Budget beauty haul!

I went into town with my friend the other day and I thought I’d do another haul about what I got. I didn’t buy loads so it’s quite a small haul. First, we went into Superdrug and I bought some face masks because they were on offer. I bought a white chocolate face mask, a mixed berry face mask and a cucumber face mask and it all came to £3 because it was 4 for the price of 3 and they are a £1 each. I have already used the cucumber face mask and I have done a face mask Friday with it. I’m going another on Friday and I will do a face mask Friday then. Next I got my first MUA nail varnish in the shade ‘Mud pie’, which was a kind of nude-y brown. I swatched it the other day and it was amazing! I was really thick and I only needed to apply 1 or 2 coats! I was really surprised with the quality  because  it was really cheap! It was £1 for a small bottle and I have been looking for a nude so I’m really pleased. Lastly, I got an MUA eye shadow in the shade 24, which is a kind of bronze-burgundy. It’s really pigmented and it’s such a nice colour, so I was really pleased with the quality 🙂 . I will definitely be re-purchasing this product soon in some different shades. Hope you liked my haul and I’m going to do another one soon.







Collective beauty and other shopping haul!

First, I went to Boots and I really wanted to try a Barry M nail paint, believe it or not I do not own a single Barry M products. I know, where have I been, lol. As it is Spring I wanted a nice pastel colour and after much debate between ‘Blue moon’ and ‘Peach melba’ I finally decided on ‘Peach melba’ as I really liked the colour and I don’t have another nail varnish like it. I tried it on the other day and it is quite thin and it needed at least 2 coats but I love the colour range of Barry M and I don’t regret buying it. I would rate it 4/5. Anyway, it was only £3 so I thought it was really reasonable. Next, I went to M&S, I know, really fashionable! But they had reduced make-up so I picked up their lip gloss in the shade ‘Raspberry’. It’s a gorgeous red and it is a great gloss. Not at all sticky and it lasts forever,nearly! I really liked it and I would give it a 5/5. It was reduced from £5 to just 99p so I couldn’t resist. Then, I went to the Body shop and they had a sale on so I picked up their Lemon body whip which, in case you don’t know, is just like a body lotion. It is so moisturising and it smells SO GOOD! There are loads of different fragrances and it was reduced from £8 to £3 and as I am a member I get 10% off, so it was only £2.70 🙂 . I would definitely rate this 5/5. Last but not least I went to Primark and I got a 2 pacl of some cosy thermal  socks which were in the sale. I love the print and they are really comfortable and warm. The were reduced form £2.50 to just £1 so I bought a pack. I hope you liked my haul :0 xxx



Holiday haul!

I went on holiday this week and while I was there I bought a few things that I saw and I thought I would share them with you. Where I was staying was really close an ‘original factory shop’. You may not have heard of these, if not they are basically big shops that sell lots of random things from clothes to cookery utensils to make-up! And they somehow sell them at a fraction of the RRP. I got a few Rimmel eye shadow palettes, when I say a few, I mean four. From top left of the image going sideways then bottom left to bottom right, the shades are 026 Precious crown, 004 Smokey blue, 024 Green sapphire and finally 747 Dark angel, which is probably my favourite. All except Dark angel have 4 little eyeshadows in it and the are the perfect handbag size. I probably rate these 4/5 but I haven’t really used these properly yet. Next from the fractory shop I bought my first Essie nail varnish! This is in the shade ‘No place like chrome’ It is usually £8 but was only £1 :O. I had to but it and I love the colour and it is slightly matte, which I really like. I rate this 5/5. Finally, I went to a huge outlet shopping centre where there was a Body shop outlet. There were lots of small travel sets and I bought two, one for me and another for my friend. My set had; a satsuma soap, two travel mini shower gels (Moringa (is it just me who has no idea what Moringa is? It probably is 😦  and mango) and finally a lip balm in the shade Passionberry, which is a shade of purple. I can’t wait to use this set. It was worth £8 but I got it for £4.80. Sorry I cant link the products, as I can’ find links for them 😦 .


My mini beauty haul!

Just got back from a short shopping trip and I didn’t buy loads but I thought I’d show you anyway. First off, I went to Superdrug and I have heard amazing reviews on the Maybelline 24hr Colour tattoo cream eyeshadow so I thought I would try it out. I have heard lots about Permanent taupe and On and on bronze but instead I bought 2 65-Pink gold and 40-Permanent taupe. I haven’t tried them on yet but I hope they will be as good as the reviews! I swatched them earlier and they look really pigmented so I think they look promising.  The taupe looks quite matte, whereas the Pink gold looks really shimmery and almost glittery. They are £5 each but it was buy one get one half price so it was £7.50 for bothe of them. Then I went to Lush and I bought a Cream candy bubble bar. I don’t really buy much from Lush usually as a lot of their products are quite pricey but I will definitely will be purchasing lots more of their products because I really like them. The only product I have bought from Lush before was their Christmas eve bubble bar, which looked like a moon. I really loved this product and so I thought I’d try a different one. It smells really sweet, which I love and it was only £2.60. I also bought one of these for my friends birthday and I hope she likes it. You break some off and crumble it under your tap when you’re having a bath. They are really relaxing and they smell lush! I hope you liked my haul and sorry it was so small. xxx




Very small haul!

Sorry this is so small I rushed into town the other day and picked up a few things. First I went to Primark and picked a Montagne Jeunesse face mask in ‘Mint choc chip’ because my friend Lily had recommended it to me saying it was her favourite. The face masks in Primarjk are only 90p. I have not tried it yet but I have high hopes! Lastly I went to Lush and I wanted to get something from there easter range and the big bath bomb was £7, I know, what were they thinking!? So I got the Fluffy easter egg bath bomb, which is so cute! It smells and looks amazing and when I used it in my bath it turned the water pink :O. It wasn’t glittery so if you don’t like glitter in your bath then this is perfect for you. Sorry, again that this haul was so small :I.

Body shop haul!

I needed some new shower gel as I am nearly running out of mine so I decided to get some Body shop shower and when I got there I found out that it was but one get one half price so I had to buy two. I chose Vineyeard Peach, which smells just like Haribo peaches! :O Also I bought the Early Morning Raspberry Shower Gel from their new range which smells like raspberry jam. They last for ages and in the past I have found that their shower gels lather up really well and smell great. They were £4 each but it was on offer so it was £6 for two. Then, I went to Superdrug and bought my first MUA palette in the shade ‘Heaven & Earth’ for £4, it has 12 shades which I think are all shimmery. The are all natural shades and it looks great. The are apparently great dupes for the Naked palettes from Urban Decay.I was really impressed with the pigmented when I swatched them so they look really promising! I hope you liked my haul 🙂 x





Products worth saving up for!

Palmer’s cocoa butter range

I have the big cocoa butter body butter in this range and I love it so much! It’s definately one of my alltime favourites because it is so moisturising and good for your skin. Also, it is one of my favourite smells! It smells so great!!! I have a huge bottle that seems to be never ending and usually, I use it before bed. I’m planning to go to Superdrug as i have recently found out that they do other products, and i’ve got my eye on a lip balm that looks really cool so look out for posts of that. I would really recommend this as I will definitely be re-purchasing this when I eventually run out and I would give this product 5/5.




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