Summer Wishlist and My Favourite Bloggers!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in ages, I can’t believe the last time I posted was in April, so much has seemed to happen and it has distracted me! Anyway, I am back and today I thought I would share my summer wish list.

Summer Wishlist

I desperately need a new concealer as I am running out of my current 2True 3 in 1 Concealer, and I would lime a different concealer for Summer. I like the look of Collections famous Lasting Perfection Concealer, which is £4.19, and is out of stock at both Boots and Superdrug! Although I am leaning towards Rimmel’s equally raved about Wake Me Up Concealer from their Wake Me  Up Range, which is slightly more expensive at £5.49, but both are definitely within the budget beauty bracket.

Moving on to summer nails! Essie have recently released a beautiful Essie Summer 2015 range of nail polishes, at the price of £7.99 each. They have six nail polishes in the range and I love them all! My favourites are probably are ‘Salt Water Happy’ a lovely lilac toned corn flower blue, and ‘Sunset Sneaks’ a vivid, almost neon red/pink shade, perfect for summer.

Also, I am looking for a nice gradual tanning moisturiser, and the Garnier Summer Body Sun kissed Lotion, has been recommended to me by a friend. Even better it is currently on sale in Boots, reduced to £2.74. My legs are really pale and I want a natural golden glow for Summer, so this looks like a great option!

My Top 3 Bloggers

I thought I would do a little extension to this post about some of my favourite bloggers, which you may have heard of, I really enjoy reading their posts and watching their videos if they make them, and so I would definitely recommend these three to you!

Miss Budget Beauty-You may have seen her blog or watched her videos, but essentially Miss Budget Beauty inspired me to start blogging and to create this blog. As the name suggests, she focuses mainly on budget beauty, makeup and cosmetics. Her youtube channel videos and posts are great, as she is very honest about her opinions on products and her reviews are really good!

The Sunday Girl-This is a blog I discovered ages ago and I love it! The reviews are really honest and the photos of products are great! I love all her posts and I would highly recommend this blog!

VVNightingale-Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the author of this beauty blog is called Vicky and on her blog you can find Home ware posts, beauty reviews, and my favourite-Lush product reviews. This had to be included in my favourite blogs as I live all her posts and reviews, and I believe she has started a Youtube channel aswell.


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