Blog Anniversary!! (Face Mask Friday)

Hey guys, today is my blogs first anniversary! I started my blog exactly a year ago and I love it! This is my first blog and I have started two others since, although this is my favourite! Also, happy easter holiday! Two weeks off, I can’t wait!

 So today I thought I would do a face mask friday as I haven’t done a face mask review in ages! I will be reviewing Superdrug’s White Chocolate Mousse Face Mask, which I bought recently, and you may have seen included in a haul. I used this yesterday, as I wanted to use a face mask. I love the smell of this! I mean, white chocolate, you cannot beat it. It is classed as a ‘mousse mask’ and it is just like a clay face mask, but lighter and more mousse like. It is designed for people with normal to dry skin, and I think I have normal/dry skins so this was perfect!

Face Mask White Chocolate Superdrug

I washed my face before hand and applied it with my fingers, then left it for about fifteen minutes to dry. Then washed it off. Afterwards, my skin felt refreshed and smooth. I really like this mask as the scent is really vanillery and it left my skin soft and refreshed! I would rate this mask 8/10. I have used this mask before along with other Superdrug masks and I would recommend the range as they are really good and under £1 each!



Nice scent



Could be more moisturising

That’s it! I hope my second year of my blog is even better than the first! I hope you have a great Easter!



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