Christmas jumpers!


Hey guys, everyone seems to be wearing christmas jumpers lately, it has turned into a bit of a craze! I didn’t own one until the other day when I started looking at them in Primark, Asos and Marks and Spencer’s, but most of the ones I liked were out of stock already. But, I found this beautiful Christmas jumper in M&S on Monday, and it was in the right size, so I bought it! M&S had a third off all their Christmas jumpers so this was only around £14 down from £20. This is the M&S Sequin Embellished Bauble Christmas Jumper, but it is more like a sweatshirt.



It is very soft and comfortable, and I love the bauble design, as it makes a change from the usual fair isle print that more Christmas Jumpers seem to have. It is a black sweatshirt, with three sequin baubles sewn on in red, green and silver, and it is very Christmassy. Marks still have a few sizes in stock so I would definitely pick on up if you don’t own one already! I really like this jumper, as it is a it different, it is really comfortable and it looks lovely on! I will definitely be eating this on Christmas day and I wore it on Christmas jumper day yesterday! I also love this jumper which I have seen on the H&M website, if you are more keen on the traditional fair isle, woolly jumper.

Do you have a Christmas jumper? Let me know in the comments below… Xx



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