Lush Melting Snowman Review!

Hey Guys, today I am going to review this adorable bath melt from Lush. It is called The Melting Snowman Bath Melt and it is £2.25, which is quite cheap considering Lush’s usual prices! This is a bath melt so it is meant to leave your skin really smooth and moisturised after you use it. I halved it and I managed to get two uses out of it. It contains cocoa butter, which smells really sweet and vanillery and it also leaves your skin feeling moisturised, although it wasn’t really as moisturising as I would have liked. I mainly bought it for the scent, it is really spicy and christmassy. It also contains cinnamon, cloves, orange oil, lime oil and patchouli oil, and it smells divine. It is one of my favourite products from Lush and I think it is really cute. I have used it all up and I might stock up on a few more as they are just for christmas! It even ha little chocolate chips for buttons, how cool! I would really recommend this bath melt, and if you haven’t picked this one up already, I would advise you to! What’s your favourite product form the Lush Christmas range? Xx




Two uses

Good price

Lovely scent


Could be more moisturising


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