Lush Christmas 2014!

Hey Guys, I thought I would do an overview of all the amazing Lush Christmas range, and the products I chose! I was so excited about the Lush Christmas range and there were a few old favourites released, such as Snow Fairy and Golden Wonder. Also, there were several new products and all of them were really cute! I was impressed with the huge variety of christmas themed stock they had, from bath bombs, to shower gel. I bought a few of the following products when shopping in Lush and the others I received from family on my birthday.


Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.50

I’m not sure if this is a Christmas of Halloween product but I love it anyway! The scent is gorgeous, very autumnal and spicy. I love the colour and it meant to be wine coloured on the inside! The cute star print on the top is also really cool. I like this as the scent is quite different and I love the design. I’m not sure if this is a Halloween or Christmas product so I can’t find the link sorry.


Melting Snowman Bath Melt £2.25

This is by far my favourite! I have used half of this so far and oh my goodness, it is amazing. One of my favourite ever Lush products! I might have to pick up a few more… How can you resist when he is this cute? The scent is a delicious, spicy, Christmassy scent. It smells so good! It contains cinnamon, cloves and orange oil.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel 250ml (from £3.50 for 100ml)

I have heard so many people talk about this so when I received it for my birthday I was so happy! It isn’t really a Christmassy scent, but it is a really sweet scent, a but like candy or candy floss. It is bright pink and has cute blue shimmer in it. It is a great shower gel and one of Lush’s most famous products. It contains Carrageenan extract, whatever that is!


Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.75

This is so cute, it looks like a mini candy mountain, just as the name suggests! It is one of the cheaper products from Lush, and this contains vanilla absolute and smells similar to Snow Fairy. I love this as it is really shimmery, and if you like the Rock Star soap and the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (which is another of my Lush favourites) . This is abubble bar, which tend to be my favourite product from Lush as they are really easy to use and they make your bath smell divine (depending on which one you get).


Thats a quick review of the products I have bought so far, I will update you if I buy anymore. On my wish list, there is Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt, the Butter Bear Bath Bomb and The Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, which looks like an explosion of colour! I hope you enjoyed this post, Have you picked anything up form the Lush Christmas range?  PS I have finally figured out how to use hyperlinks!! Xx


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