Lush Big Blue review

Hey guys, today I will be reviewing the Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb. I received this lovely bath bomb for my birthday and I loved using it so I thought I would review it. This is my fist Lush bath bomb. I was a bit dubious because they are quite expensive but I got two uses out of this (I split it in half) so £3.25 for two uses is ok. This bath bomb smells really good, it has seaweed, lavender and lemon oil in it and I really like the scent. It is also a beautiful blue colour and it turned my bath water a deep shade of ocean blue which was awesome. If fizzed a lot and I think it had some seaweed bits inside it which floated around as it fizzed. I’m not sure whether it really did anything for my skin but it apparently cleans the skin and it is definitely relaxing. I would definitely repurchase this and I can wait rouse other bath bombs in the future. I would really recommend this bath bomb and I rate it 9/10! Xx



Awesome colour




A bit expensive


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