Wishlist No.9

Hey guys, I am desperately trying to keep to a ‘No-Buy’ November as I broke my spending ban on the the other one *cough* several times *cough* as you will see in a big upcoming haul but I really want to stick to this one so I can afford decent christmas presents in December. So, as I won’t be spending much on makeup soon, I thought I would do a wish list to show you the things I am lusting after!

The Invisibobble! Don’t these sound cool? I saw a review on Sarah Speak’s blog and I spotted these in Boots the other day and they look really clever. I really straggly with finding good hair bands as most of them rip my hair out! So I hope these will be better. They are kinda expensive at £3.75 for 3 but I am willing to give them a try.

2True 3 in 1 liquid concealer in Medium I have had this for a while and its really good for the price and I have nearly ran out of my current one and I am really impressed, for £1.99 the quality is great. This is a definite repurchase.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick In Rebel with Cause I have seen so many people blogging about this, I have tried the eyeshadows form MUR which are great and I love this perfect autumnal shade (it is a red/wine/berry shade) and for £1, whats not to love?

MUA Peel off base coat MUA have recently launched a line with this, a matte top coat and a base/top coat for only £2 and I think this would be really useful, especially for glitter varnishes because they are such a pain to remove! I have seen a good review on this so I might pick it up while Superdrug’s 3 for 2 offer is still on!

So thats it! Whats on your wish list? Xx


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