Lush Halloween!



Hey guys, today I am going to tell you about the Halloween Lush Limited Edition Collection that only comes around once a year! And what I chose from it. I have got so many Lush products at the minute from my birthday and other things so my house has basically turned into a Lush shop! I watched Zoella’s huge Halloween and Christmas Lush haul and this cute bubble bar really caught my eye. So I went to lush to have a look but they were completely sold out and I wouldn’t be able to go back as I was going on holiday the next day so I was seriously disappointed a they only come around once a year and I had missed it! But I spotted a Lush shop in Italy yesterday and quickly rushed in to buy the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar!!


It is neon orange with amazing gold lustre (please let me know if I have spelt that wrong) and a small cinnamon stick poking out of the top like a stalk and it is perfect for halloween! I was so happy but in this shop the prices were really high compared to the English one, everything was around £1 or £2 more! But I decided it was worth it, in the UK these are £3.50 each. Every year Lush launch a Halloween and Christmas line with some old and new products. It is citrus scented but it also smells quite autumnal. I also really liked the look of the Wizard Bubble Bar and The Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb so I might pick these up next year, have you tried anything from the Lush Halloween Range? I will include this in an upcoming haul/review but I wanted to show it to you guys before halloween, otherwise what’s the point? Xx



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