Batiste Dry Shampoo!

Hey guys, I know so people love it some people hate. I love it! Dry shampoo is my saviour when I haven’t got time to wash my hair and I need to make it look reasonably presentable. I have only tried the ‘Original’ Batiste Dry Shampoo scent but it is really good. I have a huge 400ml can and this is £4.99 from Boots, superdrug etc. the smaller 200ml cans are £2.99. I have heard various reviews on other brands dry shampoos (all the brands seem to have hopped onto the ‘dry shampoo wagon’ lately) but most people say that this is the best. If you don’t know how to use it you spray it around 30cm away from your roots/hair and rub/brush it in until you can’t see it. It makes my hair look less oily because when my hair needs washing it  goes really shiny so this really helps. My only problem is it isn’t very long lasting and doesn’t last me the full day. Although, that may just be my hair being awkward! Yes, you can use it on light or dark hair as long as you rub it in properly and it doesn’t show on darker hair unless you use loads! Overall, I find dry shampoo really helpful and I really like the cute retro style packaging. I would like to try the tropical and oriental scents. What’s your favourite dry shampoo? Xx



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