Maybelline Baby Lips!

Hey Guys, This is a review on the Maybelline BabyLips, I only have 2 shades which are ‘Peach Kiss’ and ‘Hydrate’. There was a HUGE craze with these a while ago, so I picked up ‘Peach Kiss’ to see what all the fuss was about. I was suitably impressed! At £2.99 each from Boots or Superdrug, I would definitely pick one to two up if you don’t already have some! 🙂

Peach kiss- A lovely peachy shimmery colour with a subtle shimmer running through it. This has almost pinky/gold tones and it gives a really nice natural finish on the lips but I find it can makes my lips feel a bit, I don’t know, gritty? This may be just me though as my lips can get quite dry. This smells lovely and peachy.

Hydrate- I only picked this up a few days ago and I already love it. It is clear, not tinted and it smells really fresh, I think it’s lemon/citrus or something? This is very good and moisturising and might be my favourite of the two.

Baby lips promise to moisturise for up to 8 Hours, in my opinion they are not very long lasting but that’s with eating and drinking and stuff. Anyway, I think these are really great budget friendly lip balms! They have loads of different BabyLips ranges in America, and I am dying to get my hands on Grapevine, which they don’t sell here in the UK 😦 . But they have recently launched some of the ‘Electro’ Balms in the Uk and I have ‘Berry Bomb’, keep an eye out for a review soon! Xx


I love the packaging!

Good moisturising lip balm

Only £3!


Not very long lasting

PS In the background it is the DIY magazine which had an article on Gerard Way!! 🙂




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