Rimmel 1000 Kisses review

Hey Guys, I have a review for you today on the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint. I have these in 3 shades; Carry on Cherry, Endless Blossom and Nothing But Nude. These are very good lip stains as they are long lasting and they come with a stain on one end, and a balm on the other. I picked these up from Wilkinsons on offer but you can usually get them from Boots and Superdrug for £5.99. I am can’t find them online but I think they still make them so look in store if you are interested. I like the balm as it makes it more long lasting and gives your lips a nice finish but it is quite waxy and it breaks easily. Here is a short review on each shade;

Carry On Cherry; A beautiful berry cherry colour, this is the darkest of the three, and possibly my favourite. Unfortunately I have broken the balm on the end of this as I find it snaps of easily so be careful!

Endless Blossom; This is a girly pink which looks lovely on the lips.

Nothing But Nude; I love this shade as it is really natural and brings out your lips and makes them look great! This is a beautiful natural nude.

I agree at £5.99 they are a tad expensive but they are really good products which I rate 4/5! If I had to get another shade I would chose ‘Perpetual Plum’ which looks amazing.


Long lasting

Overall really good

Doesn’t smudge/bleed


The balm breaks easily

The balms is quite waxy

PS This post is not sponsored and I am not sure if they still make these but I hope they do as I really like them, Have you tried these?? Xx




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