A spot of shopping…

Hey guys, I have picked up 3 or 4 products over the past few days and here they are… I went to Primark looking for a loose beach top for when I go on holiday and I found this gorgeous pineapple top. it was £4 and I have worn it twice already. It is really summery and I love the design. There were lots of other designs too but I especially liked this one! Then I popped into Superdrug looking for a face scrub as I have never used one before and I found this mini St Ives apricot face scrub for £1.20 in the travel minis section. It is apricot flavour and it smells really yummy! It is labelled as ‘Invigorating’ and it is quite rough but I really enjoy using it. I can’t review it properly as it is the first face scrub I have tried and I don’t know any amazing face scrub brands but I really like this product. Then, when I went charity shopping with my friend Grace the other day I found these two gems! I wouldn’t sully buy makeup from a charity shop but these were brand new! They are the Models own glitter plashes in the shades ‘Bluebelle’ and ‘Emerald City’ I love these colours. They are from the Models Own Glitter Mini set, so they are smaller than the usually bottles. The actual set also includes a beautiful red shade called ‘Scarlet Sparkle’ but they didn’t have it in the shop. The full set retails at £7.99 but these were just 75p each!! I haven’t tried them out yet but they look great! (The full sizes are £5 each) That’s it! I didn’t buy very much but I really like these products, If anyone could recommend a good face scrub brand I would really appreciate it!! Xx




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