Summer Essentials

Hey Guys, I know it’s almost halfway through Summer already 😦  but here is my essential products for the summer or when you are on vacation. I am currently on holidays when I go out I usually just swipe on some waterproof mascara and a bold lipstick and then i’m ready to go but this is a list of a few more products I love using in the Summer. First is bronzer, I have chosen the MUA bronzer in shade 3. Bronzer is optional as you may be wearing fake tan but I like to have some handy for when I want more of a tanned glow. Shade 3 is matte and I like the colour as it isn’t shimmery. Waterproof mascara is definitely and essential because you can go swimming and not emerge from the water looking like a panda. I have the NYC Waterproof Showtime Mascara as it is 100% waterproof and it is just £2. Body spray is a must all year round and I love the Impulse sprays as they smell fresh and they are usually reduced to £1 is Superdrug. The scents I have are ‘Secret Smile’ and ‘Romantic Spark’. In Summer anyone can get away with bold lipstick and as I usually wear more subtle lipstick I like wearing brighter colours in Summer. I like the MUA £1 lipstick in Juicy which is a bright peachy coral. This glides on really well but it doesn’t last very long. I love summery nail varnish and I have chosen MUA’s Bold Blue which is £1. I love this sky blue colour and I have been wearing this constantly since I got it! What products do you like using in Summer?? Xx



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