Manicure Monday!

Sorry guys, I have had such a busy week that I didn’t have time to upload this on monday but better late then never I guess… Anyway Happy Summer! This weeks it’s Mua’s Bold Blue. I bought the a few weeks ago and I’m loving it! The quality of the nail polish isn’t very good as the texture is a bit strange and you need at least 2 or 3 coats to get it opaque because the first coat is almost clear  but what can I say? It’s such a beautiful colour! I love it, I currently have this on my fingernails and toenails and I like it because it is a really summery colour with out being overly girly.  The brush is quite small but the application is okay. These are only £1 and I also have the shadow ‘Mud Pie’ from this range, which I also really like. These nail polishes aren’t the best quality but I love them all the same and I will definitely be repurchasing some more, I have heard they have brought out some new shades for Spring/Summer. Although it does have some faults, I would really recommend this. Xx


Great colour

Amazing price


Strange consistency (although that may just be mine)

Chips reasonably quickly, so I would put a top coat over it




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