Manicure Monday!

Hi Guys, I thought I would share this great nail varnish with you as I have had it for a while and i have recently rediscovered it! It is ‘Amethyst’ from Sinful Colors. I only need 1 coat to get great coverage and I have had it on without a top coat or base coats for 2 days and no chips yet! The brush isn’t the usual type I like, but it is really neat and easy to apply so it isn’t a problem. It is a lovely deep purple and I really like the colour. This is my only SC nail polish, but I bought my friend Flo 2 for her birthday and she really liked them but they stained her nails orange (which was weird because the shades I bought were green and teal?!) so I would recommend using a base coat.These are available from Boots for only £2! I hope to do more of these ‘Manicure Mondays’ soon! What nail polishes have you been loving recently? Xx



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