Double review! (Models Own Microdots & Claire’s Pale Lilac)

I have just literally received Models Own Microdots in the post. I ordered it the other day from Nail Polish Direct and the delivery is really speedy! I saw this on their website and it is brand new for summer so it isn’t in Boots or Superdrug yet. This is a clear polish filled with millions of tiny round hexagon shoes. The colours are light blue, dark blue, lemon yellow, orange and pillar box red. The shapes are matte and they give a really nice effect. I have just put it on now and I am really impressed. I found that it is better if you dab it rather than swipe it on as the shapes are distributed more evenly. You can use this as a top coat or over your favourite nail polish. i think it would look great over black or white but i have used it over lilac. I like this because it looks great and it is really easy to apply, I don’t like fiddling around with nail art but this is really quick and simple. I would rate this 5/5. This was £5.

Next, is Claire’s Pale lilac, i got this as a gift and it is my first Claire’s nail polish. I haven’t used this before as it isn’t really my colour but actually I was really surprised. The colour looks great with the microdot polish as it doesn’t clash with the dots. It is just a very pretty pale purple or lavender. This took 2 coats to reach the opaqueness I wanted.(Ok, I don’t know whether opaqueness is spelt right.) These are reasonably cheap at £2.50 each and actually they are pretty good and I would rate it 4/5 because I would definitely reuse and possibly repurchase it it but it probably isn’t my best nail varnish. The brush is ok and it applies quite easily. This colour is perfect for spring or summer and I really like it!




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