Collective haul (Primark & Superdrug)

I went into town yesterday and I picked up a few bits and pieces from Superdrug and Primark so here goes… From Primark I bought a pair of sunglasses, they are really nice. They are black and silver and they fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget for Ray Bans, so I bought these instead. They are really nice and I would definitely repurchase them again if they broke. they were only £2. Then I bought a nice casual dress for summer. They had lots of different colours, but I liked navy the best. I’m not really a dress person but I love this as it isn’t too girly. This was from their £5 dress range and the dresses are definitely worth it. It has a really pretty flowery style print on it and it is really light so it is perfect for summer. Then I bought a top for £4, this was really cheap and I love the texture. It has a really nice design on it which I really like. Then, I went to Superdrug and I bought the 2True 3 in 1 concealer because MissBudgetBeauty said it was really good, and I also wanted a liquid concealer. This really nice and I got it in the shade medium. The coverage is really good and it is the perfect shade. It also blends really well! Then I bought another MUA lipstick in the shade Juicy. This a really bright lipstick, perfect for summer. It is a sort of neon coral and it looks really nice. I would give this 4.5/5 It was also only £1.Image.





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