The Simple range

Hi, I thought I would do a post on this as I have lots of Simple products and I use them daily. You might have seen some of these in my daily skincare routine post so this is just a huge review on all of the products I’ve tried and what I think of them. First is the Simple Facial Wash. I use this every day and I really like it. It is like a gel and it lathers up really well. Next, is the Simple face toner I use this after the facial wash. I really like this too but it smells really chemically, which I don’t like.  The Simple light moisturiser is also really good and it makes your skin really soft. This works for all skin types and I think it would work really well if you had dry skin. The Simple eye make up remover is great! It removes all eye makeup (I’m not sure about waterproof mascara though) and it doesn’t make your eyes sting, which is always a bonus. I would really recommend this and I use it most days. Last but not least is the Simple face wipes. I only got these recently but I use them every day. They are great at removing make up, they don’t dry out your skin and there not too oily, what’s not to like? I would recommend all of these products and they are about £3-4 each. Here is the link to buy them

I hope you like this post, do you use any of these products?

PS This isn’t a sponsored review, I have bought all of these products xxx



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