I’m back!

Hi guys, I went on a holiday to Germany and I just got back so unfortunately I haven’t posted in a while! I had a great time and it was boiling. It is currenty raining in Engalnd, so i’m not exactly ecstatic 😦 . Anyway, on the ferry in duty free there was a load of high end make up brands like Dior, Benefit, Calvin Klein and there was also The Body Shop. I have been wanting a mini handcream for ages so when I saw The Body Shop stand, I had to pick one up. The flavours they had were; Rose, Hemp, Almond and Absinthe (Is it just me who has absolutely NO idea what this is?!) Anyway, I wanted to try Almond because I don’t own any Body Shop Almond products. In The Body shop, the hand creams are usually £5 but as it was duty free it was only £3.20! I have been using it a lot and it smells great. Also, it is really moisturising and it makes your hands feel really smooth. I would really recommend this! I would also like to try the Hemp one as I have the ‘Lip protector’ and I really like it.

Also, my friend Flo has just launched a new blog and I hope you like it!


And I have a new post on How to do a steam facial, Hope you enjoy!



One thought on “I’m back!

  1. Absinthe: a potent green aniseed-flavoured liqueur, originally made with wormwood (which is now banned because of its toxicity).
    Not sure what it would be like in a hand cream but almond sounds lovely!

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