Cor Balmy!

I went on the Boots website yesterday and I spotted a new product on the Barry M page! It’s called Cor Balmy! (clever, right?) Anyway, it’s a tinted lip balm and they look very similair to Maybelline Baby lips on the packaging front. I think they are brand new and I’m definitely picking one or two up soon. I have a Baby lips in ‘Peach Kiss’ and I use it almost every day. The babylips are £3 and the Cor Balmy! is £3.50 so the Barry M option is slightly more expensive but they look great. Has anyone else seen these??

Link to Cor balmy!;

Link to Babylips post;

Also, Superdug have just launched a new make up brand called Makeup Revolution. It looks quite similair to MUA and most of their products are £1. Their Iconic 3 palette is meant to be a great dupe for Urban Decays Naked 3 palette and it’s only £4. It also looks quite similair packaging wise. Hope you like this post xxx


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