My daily skincare routine

My skincare routine is pretty basic, ie. cleanse, tone and moisturise. In the morning I use the Simple facial wash, I find this really effective, it lathers up really well and it is a great product. Stright after that, I use Simple toner. I like this toner but the only thing I don’t like about it is the smell because it smells really plasticky and chemically. I don’t know if this is just me or what but it really annoys me. Anyway, it is a really good toner. Then I moisturise using Simple’s kind to skin light moisturiser. I really love this moisturiser as I find it really effective. Then, in the evening I moisturise again either with Simple moisturiser again or with The Body Shop vitamin E moisturiser. The only thing with The Body Shop cream is that it is £10 per tub, but it lasts ages as you only need a tiny bit. Then, every week I use a face mask, usually either Superdrug’s own brand or Montagne Jeunesse. So, there you go, my skincare routine in a nutshell, hope you enjoyed it! xx


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