Guest post; Soap and Glory review

This is a guest post by one of my friends, who is called Lily. She is a S&G fanatic and offered to do a review of it!

So the brand that I want to rave about today is a little different to what would usually go up on here, but these products are just so amazing that it seems ridiculous to not advertise them in some way. My current favourite brand of everything is Soap & Glory. Now I got a kind of ‘starter’ kit for Christmas, and I totally have fallen in love. The smell is gorgeous, the quality is fantastic and it’s not ridiculously expensive for a big-name brand. I personally buy everything in travel sizes which is £2.50 an item (apart from Endless Glove which is £3 and Mist You Madly which is £3.50) and with Boots’ offer you can get three items for £5 which I think is amazing. The larger sizes are on average £8 a bottle but I think it’s totally worth it. The items I currently own are:

‘Glad Hair Day’ shampoo and conditioner – £2.50 each for 50ml. These are really nice and they leave your hair feeling all silky and smooth and looking shiny, nourished and healthy.

‘Hand Maid’ antibacterial hand sanitizer – £2.50 for 50ml. This stuff works wonders and the smell is gorgeous but not overpowering. It’s fantastic if you’re still in school like me and you can just give your hands a quick rub if you accidentally touch someone’s still damp chewing gum or something. It lives in my bag and it appears to be my friends’ favourite thing to steal.

‘Hand Food’ hand cream – £2.50 for 50ml. This is an essential in winter as if you have dry skin like me it can get horrifically cracked. This cream nourishes and moisturises your skin so well. This is another thing that lives in my bag.

‘Heel Genius’ foot and heel cream – £2.50 for 50ml. I used to have really dry skin on the bottom of my feet and this cream literally rejuvenated my feet with one use. I like to use this now every single time I leave the shower and just before bed, it leaves me with soft feet in the mornings.

‘Clean On Me’ shower gel – £2.50 for 50ml. This shower gel has a beautiful creamy formula that not only cleans but moisturises skin. I used this the other day after shaving my legs and it left them so soft, it was so nice.

‘Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em’ body buffer – £2.50 for 50ml. This hasn’t got Soap & Glory’s signature scent, but it has the scent of the ‘Mist You Madly’ body spray. I adore Soap & Glory’s body scrubs because they work so well. I used the first one I ever owned up in a week but now I only one them once a week. The 50ml pot still isn’t empty and I’ve probably used it around 7 times now.

‘Flake Away’ body scrub – £2.50 for 50ml. This is my favourite Soap & Glory body scrub with the signature scent.

‘The Righteous Butter’, ‘Butter Yourself’ and ‘Sugar Crush’ body butters. Now these were a gift set so I’m not sure of the actual price but the ‘Butter Yourself’ body butter is the best butter I’ve ever used, I’ve just bought a second lot of ‘The Righteous Butter’ because I loved that so much and the ‘Sugar Crush’ smells utterly gorgeous.

Rant over. I promise.


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