Make up haul :)

I went shopping and as I said in a previous post i’m on a really tight budget so when I heard Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on I was like :O!!! At the time I didn’t have an eyeliner so I did a bit of market research (aka asked my friends) and they recommended Scandleyes from Rimmel £4 or Collection Intense colour eyeliner £2, so I went with the Collection eyeliner. I really like it and I got it black. I used it today and it’s really good quality. I give it 5/5! Then I bought a few Miss sporty eyeshadows. These were only £2 so I got them in the shades 102 star and 109 party. Star is an icy white and party is a shimmery slate. I love them so much and they are really good. They have an amzing disco pattern on the front. Amazingly, these are my first products from Miss sporty. As it was 3 for 2 I only spent £4! I’ve really wanted a ‘Beauty Junky’ face mask and I found out they do them in Accessorize for £1.50, whats better, I had a gift card :). I got this in the flavour strawberry and I am expecting great things.



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