Face mask Friday!

Hi again, today I’m celebrating the start of the easter holiday with a mini pamper evening! First off I started with my face mask which was white chocolate mousse face mask frome Superdrug, which I got on Monday for £1! It was really nice as I put it on and it smelt AMAZING! I really would recommend it because it has left my skin really smooth. Then, I followed up with The body shop’s vitamin E face cream which is really moisturising and it smells so refreshing! Next, I am doing my nails and I’m using MUA’s ‘Mud pie’, which is quite a dark nude. I love this colour and I was pleasantly suprised  with the great quality. Lastly, I am doing a foot soak for the first time! I’m using a Body shop peppermint foot soak, which I got from a charity shop brand new! It has a really strong peppermint smell and was really relaxing! I sprinkled some into a bowl of soapy water (I added a bit of Radox muscle soak bubble bath) and I relaxed for about 10 minutes and it was great! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I am planning to do a spa day soon! xxx





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