I’m back! New makeup haul

IMG_1559.jpgHey guys, I know I haven’t posted in months, but I am going to try and start blogging again, I promise! I can’t believe its December already, it’s almost Christmas! Recently it seems I have got loads of new makeup, so I though I would do a haul-type post on what I have bought recently, the majority of it is from Boots and the Body Shop, and some I received for my birthday back in October.

FACE – Body Shop All In One Face Base £14 I received this for my birthday and although this is an All In One Face base, I typically use the as a powder over my BB cream and concealer to give a heavier coverage. It is so good! I have shade 4 and I use this every day, at £14 it is on the pricier side of budget makeup, but I think it’s worth it for this product, as it has good staying power and is has great coverage, although if you apply too much it can look slightly orange.

Body Shop Vitamin E BB Cream £12 each I bought these off a friend as they were too dark for her skin tone, and although I haven;’t used them yet, when I swatched them they appeared as very blend able and smooth. I also love the packaging, and I have tried various products for the Body Shop’s Vitamin E range, which were all very good.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.50 I also purchased this in Boots, as I was running out of concealer swell as mascara, I have bought this previously so I was just replenishing my stock of it! It isa great concealer with good coverage and I use it every day to cover blemishes, sots and dark eye circles.


EYES – Barry M Showgirl Mascara £4.99 I desperately needed a new mascara so I looked in Boots, however all of the mascaras I looked at lookd cake and the wands were high! The formulas also seemed really thick, and none of them appealed to me until I spotted this from Barry M, it is the best mascara I have ever used and it is so much more affordable than most mascaras, which are priced at around £7.99 to £8.99, and at £4.99 this is a bargain! I am planning to review this soon, I also love the beautiful packaging with the stars.

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner £6 I received this as a present for my birthday however I lost it after having it for less thank 2 weeks! So I immediately bought it again as it is an amazing eyeliner, and I have never used felt pen eyeliners before this product and I would really recommend it as it is say to use and it is perfect for achieving the winged eyeliner look.

W7 In the City Matte Eyeshadow palette This is a great palette with 6 matte natural eyeshadow shades, although some of the paler shades are very similar and it is hard to distinguish them from one another, and the colour payoff from the paler shades is’t great, however it is a lovely compact palette, to carry in your handbag.


So this is the makeup I received for my birthday and that I have bought recently, I plan to do some reviews on the eyeliner and the mascara soon and a post about the nail polishes I received for my Birthday! xxx

Summer Wishlist and My Favourite Bloggers!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in ages, I can’t believe the last time I posted was in April, so much has seemed to happen and it has distracted me! Anyway, I am back and today I thought I would share my summer wish list.

Summer Wishlist

I desperately need a new concealer as I am running out of my current 2True 3 in 1 Concealer, and I would lime a different concealer for Summer. I like the look of Collections famous Lasting Perfection Concealer, which is £4.19, and is out of stock at both Boots and Superdrug! Although I am leaning towards Rimmel’s equally raved about Wake Me Up Concealer from their Wake Me  Up Range, which is slightly more expensive at £5.49, but both are definitely within the budget beauty bracket.

Moving on to summer nails! Essie have recently released a beautiful Essie Summer 2015 range of nail polishes, at the price of £7.99 each. They have six nail polishes in the range and I love them all! My favourites are probably are ‘Salt Water Happy’ a lovely lilac toned corn flower blue, and ‘Sunset Sneaks’ a vivid, almost neon red/pink shade, perfect for summer.

Also, I am looking for a nice gradual tanning moisturiser, and the Garnier Summer Body Sun kissed Lotion, has been recommended to me by a friend. Even better it is currently on sale in Boots, reduced to £2.74. My legs are really pale and I want a natural golden glow for Summer, so this looks like a great option!

My Top 3 Bloggers

I thought I would do a little extension to this post about some of my favourite bloggers, which you may have heard of, I really enjoy reading their posts and watching their videos if they make them, and so I would definitely recommend these three to you!

Miss Budget Beauty-You may have seen her blog or watched her videos, but essentially Miss Budget Beauty inspired me to start blogging and to create this blog. As the name suggests, she focuses mainly on budget beauty, makeup and cosmetics. Her youtube channel videos and posts are great, as she is very honest about her opinions on products and her reviews are really good!

The Sunday Girl-This is a blog I discovered ages ago and I love it! The reviews are really honest and the photos of products are great! I love all her posts and I would highly recommend this blog!

VVNightingale-Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the author of this beauty blog is called Vicky and on her blog you can find Home ware posts, beauty reviews, and my favourite-Lush product reviews. This had to be included in my favourite blogs as I live all her posts and reviews, and I believe she has started a Youtube channel aswell.


Hey guys, I hope you had a fabulous Easter and that you ate lots of chocolate (I know I did! :)) The reason I haven’t posted much over the easter breaks that I was in Naples, in Italy on holiday! We have quite a lot of family in Naples so it was great to see them, although my italian’s not too good! I had an amazing time in Italy and I so didn’t want to come back! We had amazing view of Vesuvius and went to Herculaneum for a day, and it was really breathtaking to see all the remains of the town. Here are some photos of places we went and what we did, whilst on holiday.




These are all view of Vesuvius! The best views are from the top of Castel Sant’Elmo.



This is a beautiful town called Mergellina in the Bay of Naples, by the sea.




This is a view of Herculaneum.


This was a beautiful mosaic at Herculaneum.


This is an adorable picture of the family’s dog, he is so cute! This photo was taken by my brother.



This is a beautiful view at sundown, with Vesuvius on the horizon.


NOTD and How To: Ombre Nails

Hey guys, I painted my nails ombre yesterday for the first time, and I think they look quite good! These look great in spring with pastel colours like mint green or pale blue, but I used lilac/purple nail polish for my nails.


You Will Need

A base coat (optional)

2 or 3 similar shades of nail polish (I used lilac, and dark purple, and made the medium shade by mixing the two together) For example you could use white, pale blue and dark blue nail polishes for blue ombre nails. It is good to use white or a very pale colour as the first layer, as it stands out more.

A small sponge

A top coat


Step 1. Paint your nails with a base coat.

Step 2. Paint your nails with the palest colour/white and leave to dry.

Step 3. Apply some of the medium shade(if you do not have a medium shade, you can mix the lightest shade with the darker shade to create a medium colour) to a small sponge and lightly dab about half way or two thirds of the way down your nails. Leave to dry.

Step 4. Apply the darkest shade to around the top third of your nail with a sponge and leave to dry.

Step 5. Apply a top coat and leave to ry. There you have your ombre nails!

These were so fun to do and only took around 10 minutes! They look great with any colours, one of the polishes I used for this is unfortunately discontinued but the lilac is Claire’s Pale Lilac and any nail polish will do.


Have you tried ombre nails? Xx

Blog Anniversary!! (Face Mask Friday)

Hey guys, today is my blogs first anniversary! I started my blog exactly a year ago and I love it! This is my first blog and I have started two others since, although this is my favourite! Also, happy easter holiday! Two weeks off, I can’t wait!

 So today I thought I would do a face mask friday as I haven’t done a face mask review in ages! I will be reviewing Superdrug’s White Chocolate Mousse Face Mask, which I bought recently, and you may have seen included in a haul. I used this yesterday, as I wanted to use a face mask. I love the smell of this! I mean, white chocolate, you cannot beat it. It is classed as a ‘mousse mask’ and it is just like a clay face mask, but lighter and more mousse like. It is designed for people with normal to dry skin, and I think I have normal/dry skins so this was perfect!

Face Mask White Chocolate Superdrug

I washed my face before hand and applied it with my fingers, then left it for about fifteen minutes to dry. Then washed it off. Afterwards, my skin felt refreshed and smooth. I really like this mask as the scent is really vanillery and it left my skin soft and refreshed! I would rate this mask 8/10. I have used this mask before along with other Superdrug masks and I would recommend the range as they are really good and under £1 each!



Nice scent



Could be more moisturising

That’s it! I hope my second year of my blog is even better than the first! I hope you have a great Easter!


Haul Part 2 (What I got for Christmas)

Hi guys, this is the second part of my haul that I posted last week and it includes all the lovely beauty related stuff I received for Christmas.

Photo for blog

From Lush, I received the Butterbear Bath Bomb, which was £1.99. This is exactly the same as the Butterball Bath Bomb, but in an adorable bear shape. I got one use out of this. I also bought the Butterball bath bomb later after Christmas after using this one as I really liked it. The Butterball is £2.65 and is available all year round at Lush. Both of these are full of Shea and cocoa butter and vanilla and smell lovely! They were also really moisturising. Then I also received the Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt, which I had on my Christmas List. This is scented with ginger and lime and also has softening butters in. I loved the scent and it was so glittery!! It was covered in silver glitter and after I had used it I was covered in silver glitter and it made my hair go all greasy and glittery! I loved this bath melt but I was covered in glitter for days and I found it really hard to wash off. It also covered my hairbrush, clothes and towels in glitter so I would not use this again!




I also received some lip products, first a Revlon Lip Butter, in the shade ‘Brown Sugar’, I received the shade ‘Creme Brûlée’ for my birthday and I have used it loads so my Mum bought me this shade as well. These are £7.99. I love this lip butter, it is such a nice shade. As it is quite dark, I use it sparingly and blend it out. I would really recommend these. The other lip product I received was a lipstick from L’Oreal. It is the L’Oreal Made For Me Lipstick in Taffeta. These are £6.99 each and Taffeta is a beautiful natural bronze/brown shade. I will review it sons but I love it. The sleek gold packaging is also really nice quality.

I also have recently bought from Boots and Superdrug….

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Brown £3.99

Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover £1.60

Superdrug Face Masks in White Chocolate and Yogurt Smoothie 99p each

Hope you enjoyed my haul, what have you bought recently? Xx

Haul – Part one

Hey guys, I haven’t done a haul in a while and I have bought quite a lot recently, so I though I would post what I have bought. All these things are from Boots, The Body Shop or Superdrug.


Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral, Cherry, and Oriental £2.99 each

I needed to restock on dry shampoo and I love Batiste. These were on three for two in Boots when I bought them. I have tried Original, Cherry and Oriental so far and Oriental is definitely my favourite, as the scent is really refreshing!


Witch Blemish Stick £1.79

This was a third off in Superdrug and I received triple points on all skincare. I have been getting a few spots lately, and after hearing good reviews on this Witch product, I decided to try it.

Garnier Micellar Water £3.32

I have heard so much about micellar water and most brands have them, Simple, Garnier, B., and L’Oreal have released them, and this looked really good, I b have been wanting it for a while and I saw it on sale in Superdrug today so I impulse bought it!


Body Shop Strawberry Soap £1

I have tried these soaps before and after running out of my grapefruit scented soap I decided to try Strawberry.

Body Shop Travel Shower Gel in Pink Grapefruit and Mango £2 each

These are so handy for travelling and I love the scents, as they are not at all synthetic. They are also really good shower gels.


I hope you liked my haul and I will try to get round to posting part two! Xx

MUA Lipsticks Review

Hi guys, today I am reviewing all the MUA lipsticks I have, which are 4 lipsticks. I have 3 matte lipsticks, which are in the white tubes, and one normal lipstick. The shades I have are Fancy Fawn, a natural brown/ nude, Lilac Belle, a bright lilac purple, Wild Berry, a sheer plum, and Juicy, a almost neon coral colour for summer or spring. The mattes I have are quite good, they are completely matte, but they are quite waxy to apply , which is annoying. Wild Berry is quite sheer and it isn’t a block plum lipstick, although it looks almost black in the tube! Juicy, which isn’t a matte shade, is a very bold lipstick, which I would only wear in the summer, as it is quite a bright shade of coral. It applies really easily, and it is block shade, not sheer at all, and is not at all waxy, unlike the matte shades.


Left to right- Fancy Fawn, Lilac Belle, Wild Berry and Juicy

Overall, I am quite impressed with these lipsticks, although Wild Berry is quite sheer, the range is quite good. My favourite lipstick is Fancy Fawn, as I find it really easy to wear with different outfits. These lipsticks are only £1 each! They are available on the MUA Store site or at Superdrug.


Swatched Left to right- Fancy Fawn, Lilac Belle, Wild Berry and Juicy


Completely matte

Only £1 each!

Good shade range

Fairly long lasting


Wild Berry is sheer

The matte shades are quite waxy

If you have tried the Make Up Revolution lipsticks please let me know your opinion on them as I would be interested to know how they compared to MUA, thanks!

Have you tried these? Xx


Hey guys, I haven’t posted in ages I know, Ive had a hectic week but I thought I would do a quick wish list on things I have seen recently. I went into River Island the other day and I love so much of their stuff! The trainers are amazing!! I only have some River Island jeans which I don’t think they do any more but they look similar to this but without the rips. I hope you like my wish list! Hope you had a good valentines day yesterday!

Blog photo 2

River Island Shopping Addiction T-shirt £18

River Island Ripped Ruby Shorts £30

River Island Ombre Black and White Trainers £28

Topshop Black Lace Up Boots £20

Lush Floating Flower Bath Bomb £3.50

Have a good Half Term! Xx

Mua Heaven and Earth Palette Review

Hi guys, today I will be reviewing MUA’s Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow palette.


I have had this for a while and I suddenly discovered this the other day and I haven’t reviewed it yet so I thought I would! This palette is full of natural/nude shimmer eyeshadows. It has 12 shades and they range from cream to beige to dark brown and bronze. This is the only MUA eyeshadow palette I own and I am so impressed! The shades are all really good quality and they are very pigmented, the individual shades don’t have names(so I have had to number them, as you can see)-so annoying!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 18.37.06

I love all of these colours but number 8 is definitely my favourite. Some of the paler colours like 1 and 9 are perfect for highlighting or for the inner corner of your eye and the darker colours  like 12 and 5 are ideal for lining or adding definition. And this palette is great for a smokey eye look! It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator which isn’t the best quality but is still good to have, but the palette doesn’t include a mirror. This amazing palette is only £4 from the Mua Store or Superdrug. I would really recommend this palette as it is such good quality for the price. The only fault I can find is that it would be helpful to have some matte shades instead of all shimmer eyeshadows as it would be easier to create a more neural look but that is just me!

Swatches; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Top Row


Swatches 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Bottom Row





Lovely Shades



No mirror

No matte shades

I hoped you liked my post! Have a great weekend, thank goodness it’s Friday! Xx

PS I bought this product with my own money and this isn’t a sponsored post, just my honest opinion